Whatsapp Tricks Whatsapp Tricks 2021

friends in this post I am going to tell you Whatsapp Tricks Whatsapp Tricks 2021 Friends, we know that today whatsapp is one of the most popular Aur Best social media app in the world.


Whatsapp Tricks Whatsapp Tricks 2021

It is the best and secure app for conversation.




But now adays we just install the app and start using them, due to which we do not know about it, and you know very well that this social media proves to be a boon for us and Sharp too.


The best example of this is data hacking.






So today friends, I am going to tell you about some new fractures of WhatsApp, so that you will be able to use your useeful whatsapp app in a great way.




As you know whatsapp is always updated and always add a new fractures.




If you want to use whatsapp for professional, personal or for enhance your chatting skills then you must follow these steps ..




So let’s start now




1. Text Format: –


If you want to text someone in a different format so that it looks attactive, let me tell you.


i.) If you want to write massage boldly, then you write like this


* Hiii dear


How are you? *




ii.) If you want to give ittelic looks then write like this




_Hiii dear


How are you? _




iii.) If you want to give crooss looks in middle, then write like this




~ Hiii dear


How are you? ~






2. Two Step Verification: –


Often we make the same mistake, install the app and start using them, but do you know, whatsapp hack can also happen.


Simply we believe my app is secure, so it is our illusion, it is possible to hack our app,




Or you do not want that any of your phone can login whatsapp from your number, then you must do this two step verification




For this you have to follow these steps




Open your whatsapp. >> Click on three dot button >> setting >> Account >> Two-Step verification.




Dosto while enabling this, you will have to create a password, and whenever you login to whatsapp from someone else, you will be asked for that password.




3. Force stop: –




Friends many times it happens that we are doing some work from our mobile and keep data on like you are using an app without using whatsapp or studying from the internet, then you will definitely like that you disturb No, but with regular notification on whatsapp, you are disturbed as well as you leave the study many times and start running whatsapp.




If you do not want your regular concentration to be at your work, then you must follow this step




Long press on whatsapp icon >> app info >> force stop




Just enable it and you will not get any notification till you enter nahi in whatsapp.




4. Mute notification: –




Friends, if you want not to get notification of any particular group or person, only when you see whatsapp you see




So for this whatsapp provides you a feacture through which you can mute it for 8 hours or one week or one year.


Then you can also unmute whenever you want.




5. As a shortcut: –




If you have a very special parson that you do regular text or you want to shortcut the profile, then you can do it very easily.




After enabling this, an app like interface will appear in front of you and the icon of the app will have a dp show of that particular person and its contact name in the name ….




For this you have to follow these steps




Open your whatsapp >> Select contect >> go to three dot button >> click on more >> add shortcut








6. Status bar: –




If you want you to see someone’s staus and they don’t know.




Or do you want to see someone’s massage but it does not show blue sign.




Then you follow this step




Open your whatsapp >> setting >> settings >> account >> privacy >> turn off read receipta ….




7. Hide media from gallery: –


Friends, if you want that whatsapp media does not show in your gallary, you want to keep whatsapp media secure from your gallary.




You can also set it to particular contact aur group




Then you must follow this step




Open your whatsapp >> select contact >> click on profile >> click on media visibility >> press no






8. Auto reply: –




Friends, it happens many times that you are busy and are not able to respond to the massage, many times you may be angry with yourself.




For this, if you want someone to massage you then auto reply use send, then you can set auto reply for it.




In this you can also set particular massage ka particular auto reply, like if you write any hii, you can set what response you will give to it.




You can also use it for particular parson.




You can add more feacture in it like with group or without group, time delay etc.






But for this you will need a third party application


Whatsapp massage sender




9. Status bar: –




Friends is a whatsapp latest feature in which if you go to the search bar, you will get multiple options like photos, videos, links, gifs, audio and documents …






From this you can choose the option according to your requirment


And all those files will be open in front of you.

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