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Hello friends, how do you all hope that you will all be fine, I am going to share with you all about WhatsApp new privacy policy, not only in India but also in different countries, WhatsApp is being disliked. What is being done, you all know very well this is happening because the owner of WhatsApp was announced a few days ago that some such changes were made about the privacy policy of WhatsApp that all the users of WhatsApp have since Facing fear


WhatsApp new privacy policy,
WhatsApp new policy 2021

WhatsApp has become a very beneficial violence in people’s lives nowadays, understand how it has become, it is important that if you want to send some files to someone, then you can easily from WhatsApp through one place. You can send it to another location if you want to send an immage, then you can send it very easily through WhatsAPP, if you want to send a ducument to someone, then you can send it easily through WhatsApp, you guessed it How important is WhatsApp?

What is WhatsApp new policy WhatsApp was going to be in a very good mood so far, but for a few days now WhatsApp is being disliked because WhatsApp has said that since February 8, if you want a new privacy policy, then your WhatsApp The account will be closed, that is, this change has caused a ruckus. If you do not want to tick that ball, it is not there that you have not given any other option that you can ignore it. Have to suppress the bat of that Agree


Now it comes to understand that what is written in it, you understand very well in the new privacy policy that if you want to take our further service, then first of all you read the new privacy policy of WhatsApp and then you On the basis of this policy, WhatsApp allows to be used, after that, after reading everything, you can click on Agree’s bottom and press the right button.

In this new privacy policy, it is clearly written that whatsapp content will be shared with Facebook, Instagram to run our service. When you are running WhatsApp, a popup message will come at that time, you will have to accept the message that it will be that you want to share your content with Facebook, and Instagram.

Your Account Information What say whatsapp

It says that you should have an account on whatsapp, for SK you have to give your mobile number, after that you have to choose a name for your whatsapp account, after that you have to create a profile that contains the photo data in the data store of all this infomation whatsapp This information will be kept for your otp in future, it is also saying that we will use this data through robotic medium as well as it is also saying in our blog that share this data with a company Won’t do like -facebook, with Instagram, the claim is made by WhatsApp. You can also go and read on your WhatsApp website. Everyone has different thinking but it is clear here that if you want, then you use WhatsApp, if you do not want, then use it.

Your Messages: –

It is also saying that if you talk to someone, then we are not watching your chat, this store is happening, but we are keeping this chat private, this kind of claim is being made of WhatsApp. By


Undelivered Messages: –

On behalf of WhatsApp, it is being said that if the person messages to you, at that time you are offline, in that case we save your data and keep it for 30 days (in your server data store) within a month. If you do not see this message, then at that time we delete this data from our server.


Media Forwarding: –


If someone sends the message along with the speech media, then store it in the data encrypted on their server so that there is no problem in sending more.

In encrypted form, your data is kept with the server. End to end encryption means that encrypted is used to protect your message or message from third reading from us.

Why is WhatsApp doing this? Let us tell you that there is any company, for which it is a company, to serve the service, there are those who work in that company, the owner of the company is also there, the owner says that the same rules apply in that company. Everyone wants my company to be at the forefront, everyone is in the mind that we are not less than anyone, in the same way, now WhatsApp is also thinking that we should earn more and more money, so this new privacy has brought this company Save more money and earn more money. Whtaspp was created in 2009 at that time there were not many people on the S. At that time there was a charge to run Whatsapp and it was ad free. It was not very popular at that time. Sometime in 2014, the owner of FACEBOOK MARK ZUCKERBEG bought it. Took know how many he had bought for $ 19 Billion which is a huge amount, today almost Facebook earns $ 70 billion from it, but Abha is not too happy that its owner means that the thought that brought up WhatsApp is not earning as much It has been thought that by changing some of this and doing more and more Earnings from WhatsApp, it seems possible.

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