How To Increase Followers And Likes on Instagram

Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you how to increase followers and likes on Instagram. Instagram has plenty of potential to turn many people into new customers. Many companies are using Instagram as a marketing frontier. Instagram is the world’s most popular SNS with over 1 billion users as of July 2019. The visuals and atmosphere that impress users are a good way to promote your brand or product to many people.

how to increase followers and likes on Instagram


Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you how to increase followers and likes on Instagram
how to increase followers and likes on Instagram


As with other social media outlets, the way to successfully utilize Instagram marketing in 2020 is to increase your genuine followers and position your Instagram account as part of your online community, which can help you attract customers very quickly.
Here are 50 tips for increasing Instagram followers for companies thinking about how to do Instagram marketing.

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1. Use a professional account.

Instagram offers two professional accounts. If you have an individual account, you can convert the creator into a business account or a business account. Switching to a professional account is more suitable for business because you can view analytics, link to Facebook pages, run paid ads, and make it easier for followers to contact you. If you start with a separate business account, it’s very important to establish a brand’s position, and you can use many of the Instagram marketing tips to make strategic executions.

2. Write an introduction.

Your Instagram introduction can be up to 150 characters long and can tell your potential followers everything you need to know about your brand/company. How to use this space is very important. You can include hashtags in your intro, which can help more people find and follow your profile. We recommend adding the website address.

3. Update introduction

Small brands/businesses are easy to forget about updating their introduction. It is a good idea to keep an eye on and keep important information updated in the introduction.

4. Establish identity

Since Instagram is a very visual platform service, your account identity is very important. Think about what content your followers consume and connect with your brand. You can establish your account identity by using messages in specific colors, fonts, and consistent images.

5. Competitor Survey

Often, you don’t know where to start. It’s important to get inspired by researching how other companies or brands are using Instagram. Write down the type of content you are posting, the hashtags you use, captions, and messages. How many followers do they have? How many interactions do they have with their followers? This will tell you how well their Instagram marketing strategy is working and will give you an idea when planning your Instagram marketing strategy.

6. Creating central content

Now that you have completed your Instagram marketing research, you need to go through one step before starting content planning. Instagram’s key tip is to create central content. In the mid to long term, let’s create a few themes for the types of content you’ll post as an Instagram marketing strategy.

7. Content planning

After creating the central content, you need to decide which content to publish and create it strategically. Think about what you’ll be posting for at least a few weeks.

8. Strategic use of hashtags

Potential followers are the most basic way to discover your account. Research shows that using 7–30 hashtags per post is the most effective, but it depends on the number of followers. Instagram recently added the ability to see how many people have found your post via hashtags. This can help you measure how effective the hashtags you use are. Never underestimate your #hashtag strategy!

9. Hashtaging comments

We recommend putting a hashtag in the first comment to make the caption of your post easier for your followers to read.
Let’s use it by referring to the previous hashtag usage strategy.

10. New hashtag test

Repeated use of hashtags is great, but Instagram favors active accounts. Repeated use of hashtags for a long period of time can degrade the novelty of the account and slow the influx of new followers. It is advisable to continually find and test new hashtae.

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