How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast With a New Blog

friends in this post I am going to tell you How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast With a New Blog Friends, if you have created a new Blogger, then all of you will have a lot of difficulty in getting AdSense approval. Because in the beginning there are problems with everyone getting approval.


How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast With a New Blog



Such as: – Policy validation error, navigation, duplicate AdSense is rejected by something.


Today I am going to tell you about how to get Google AdSense approval Fast for Blogger. If you read this post till the end, then you will not have to face any problem under taking Adsense Approval.



Now if you want to get your site approved by Google AdSense in 2020, then you just have to follow 3 steps, if you follow these three steps properly, then AdSense approval will be easily available on your site. .



Friends, people often write 20-25 articles on their site, and apply for Adsense, but nowhere has Google said that if your site has 20-25 articles, then your site will get Approval. Google AdSense has said, just follow the three steps. Your site will be monetized with Adsense. Today I am going to share the three steps with you, so let’s know what those 3 steps are



1. Complete And Correct Cord


2. Reachable Site


3. Policy Compliant



Complete And Correct Cord: – It is very easy, and everyone does this work on their site. This need only comes when you apply your site for Approval, the card that is there is to paste the card correctly. Everyone does this job properly, here you will not have any problem.


Reachable Site: – In this step, all you have to do is your site which should be Reachable Site. Meaning when any traffic will come to your site, then there is no problem in visiting it. Everybody does this step, no one has a problem here.


Policy Compliant: – Often people are spread here, because Google has divided the Policy Compliant into three parts, so many people get spread.



1. Low Value Content


2. Replicate Content


3. Deceptive Content Navigation


Low Value Content: – Low Value Content means, that your site is on which you have made the content public, that content has no value in the market at this time. Suppose you are writing an article on your website that how to create a website on Blogger, then Google tells you allready, either the popular website, which has allready made the article public, then this type of content Name is given, Low Value Content, so you do not have to write this kind of content on your site.


Replicate Content: – Friends, it means repeated. What a lot of people do, someone selects a popular website, and Daily opens the website and see what the person is putting the article on their site, and from there he gets the topic, and If you write an article in your language on your site and make it public, then the type of content is called Replicate Content, then you do not have to do it at all, if you want to take Google’s Approval on your site.


Deceptive Content Navigation: – Due to Navigation, often people fail to take Approval, because people often download and install their blogger or wordpress from anywhere, but do not customize it at all. , Which comes in the format of BIDIFOLT and which is the BIDIFOLT menu, they leave the same, do not customize that at all. It is called Deceptive Content Navigation and people often make these mistakes. Whenever you install Thim, it has to be customized properly, you have to make your own menu according to your own. Then there will be no problem in taking Approval.


Friends, if you follow all these things properly, then you will not have any problem in getting Google AdSense approval.


Friends, I hope that today’s post how to get Google AdSense approval Fast for Blogger, all of you must have liked it very much, if you like, then share the post with your friends. Thank you

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