Elon Musk Net Worth Elon Musk Companies

Friends, today’s story is of Elon Musk Net Worth Elon Musk Companies  the world’s famous businessman, investor engineer and inventor. Elon Musk is currently the Founding CEO and Chief Designer of Space-x. Co-founder and CEO of Tesla is Cochairman of Open AI, Founder, CEO of Neralink and Founder of The Boring.

Elon Musk Net Worth Elon Musk Companies
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elon musk net worth Yes, ELON Musk is not all different but the same person. ELON Musk is the second richest man in the world, so read this post today till the last, maybe ELON MUSK‘s inpriratioal Success Journey will change your attitude towards life.


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So let’s start the story of ELON MUSK, ELON MUSK was born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, the capital of Soyth Afirica. His father was an engineer and mother model, when Elon was 9 years old his parents split up with Divorce and Elon lived with his father in Pretoria. Elon had two younger siblings. Elon was one of the most shy and infatuated children since childhood.


At the age of 10, he had read such books which even collage students did not read.


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At the age of 12, with the help of some books, he learned programming on a computer kept at home and made a computer game and then he earned $ 500 by selling that game. The name of the game was Baluster, which was created by Basic programing Language. He paid the school’s money by selling the game, he paid the fees in the school, but some naughty kids of the school beat Elon so much that he fainted and after that he threw him down the stairs to admit Elon to the hospital Had to get it done where he got his memory after several days, this incident had such an impact on him that even today he has trouble breathing.

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For example, at the age of 17, he passed the High School examination and at the age of 19 went to his mother in Canada.

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Elon’s father requested him to study further while staying in Pretoria but was committed to go to Elon America because he had heard and read that America is the country in the world where great Chizo has been invented.


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In 1992 Elon went to the University of Pennsylvania from where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Physics and Economics.


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In 1995, Elon musk entered PhD in energy physics and modalities science at Standfor University but he dropped out after 2 days, seeing the future in internet boom and internet startup.




And after collecting money from a small investor, along with his brothers Kambal and Greg Kouri, he opened a web software company, Zipa, which was the city guide for the online newspaper industry, but in 1999 he sold the company for $ 307 million. Elon made a profit of $ 22 million, a 7% stake, but only after some time did it combine it with Infiniti Company and when it got both the companies it was named PayPal. In July 2002, eBay.wm bought PayPal for $ 1.5 Billion. Elon Musk received $ 165 million from them but was not satisfied with it.




Elon musk was thinking of doing something big and wanted to bring a revolution, he had kept some thought in his mind which people often say that it has gone crazy, he invested all his money in many companies and lost Angels went and started renting their friends here. In 2002, he opened a company Space – X with the money that came in inversmen return.




Space – X is the first such private aerospace company in the world. Earlier all the goverment was given, but in 2002, Elon musk proved that private sector too can be destructive in this sector.




Elon musk’s successive Rocet Project Fail in the initial race and he was on the verge of a disaster but he did not give up and after learning from the mistakes made in the previous rockets, tried for the 4th time, people started calling him crazy crazy but who got something big They have to do, they do not matter what they say, what the world is thinking and speaking about them.




For the 4th time he was successful and this success caused panic among space agencies all over the world. Today his Space -x company has become a successful Space Transport Company, which equates Nasa Space Agency’s Equi payment, cargo and Satellite’s to Dobit in the Low East. It reaches.




In the year 2004, he invested in Tesla Motor Company which was making electric tax based on Tesla Wil because Elon musk had measured that people would use such tax in the coming time.




Friends, you must have also agreed that how was this journey of Elon Musk from Zoro to Hero. Please tell us by commenting.

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