How To Increase Likes On Instagram

how to increase likes on instagram If there is something that makes people happy in their social media profiles, I can say that they get likes for their posts.

You have created your Instagram account and you share beautiful photos and videos you have taken. These photos can include personal photos or photos of your product and brand. It is also your natural right to expect your posts to be liked by other users. By connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook and other social media accounts, you can increase the number of likes as well as increase the number of followers.


how to increase likes on instagram


Friends, if you want to increase followers on Instagram, then you can read this article

In this article, I will try to share with you how to get more likes for posts instead of increasing followers on Instagram.

1- Determine a Theme in your posts

The posts of many successful Instagram accounts are within the framework of a specific theme. As you make your own posts, ask yourself what will be the main theme of my post. If you are a restaurant, you can share your most delicious menus.

Try to stick to the theme you created, your followers will want continuity. If you are a travel company, sharing about fashion will reduce the interest of your followers.

2- Make Your Shares Beautiful

Of course, the way to gain more likes for your posts is to make good posts. In order for your followers or users who visit your account to like your posts, you need to share with high quality photos and photos with beautiful titles. Avoid sharing similar photos, it can be boring.

3- Your titles attract attention

After sharing beautiful photos, take the same care when writing the captions. I can say that headings are the most important parts of photographs. Connect your followers to your photos with captions, create a story on them. Have them find a piece of them. In this sense, I can say that the best combination is beautiful posts and interesting titles.

4-Have time for your posts

Give a clue to your followers about what time to post. This is where the continuity I mentioned above comes into play. How much you will share depends on how often and when you will share these posts. Avoid consuming all of your posts at once. Post on a specific calendar and at a specific time of the day. This way, your followers will know when to post and your posts will get more likes.

One important thing you should pay attention to is to post once a day or a week and then disappear. If you do this, you will not get likes and your followers will decrease.

5- interact with your followers

I have mentioned this haha ​​in my previous articles, maybe underline it, but if I mention it again here, it is appropriate. Your followers will want to know that there are real people behind the posts they like. Show them that it’s not the robot that makes the posts, and respond to their likes and comments.

From time to time, your followers also check their accounts and like their posts, even write comments to show you value their posts.

6- Make posts with hashtag

Recently, I have been getting so many questions about hashtags that the hashtag usage guide I created about it has been downloaded by hundreds of users and started to be used as a resource.

The use of hashtags is one of the most important tools that attract the attention of your followers and other users. Avoid using commonly used hashtags, as these posts will easily get lost among other posts. Create hashtags related to your private and posts. Creating long and large numbers of hashtags will be spammy. It will be the best way to share a few hashtags that describe the message and content of your posts.

7- Edit Your Photos

While making your posts, you can make your photos look better by giving a color effect and thus increase the number of likes. Sometimes, ready-made filters on Instagram may not be enough and you may need to edit your posts with different applications. You can give more beautiful effects to your photos with different applications such as Fotor and Collage.




2 Everyone will want their posts to be liked more. Thus, while your motivation for making more beautiful and interesting posts increases, your number of followers will increase. So, what kind of strategies do you follow to get more likes and do these methods work? You can share it with me and other visitors below. You can also contribute to the enrichment of this article by directing your questions, if any.

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