How To Increase Followers On Instagram Easily

how to increase followers on instagram easily

Why is it important to reach more followers? Questions how to increase followers on instagram easily like how to analyze my Instagram followers come up a lot. The fact that it is a popular channel and that it hosts users belonging to almost every target audience is one of the factors that ensure this. Well, have you ever examined the statistical values ​​of your page? Did you know that you need to track the demographic information of users who are interested in your page, the data of your post interactions and many more statistical values? If you have a business account, you will see the “stats” button on your profile screen. The data you will see on the Statistics page;

how to increase followers on instagram easily
how to increase followers on instagram easily

It shows your account’s overall reach, content engagement, total follower count, and posts shared.  You can see the number of users who visited your profile, clicked on the URL you wrote in the bio section, and clicked on the directions, e-mail and search buttons, if any. You can also analyze the contents of your account with 3 variables in the “main posts” section. When you click on the main posts, you will see options divided into 3 sections; Post Type (photo, video, carousel, shopping posts) Metric Selection (search button, comments, email, follows, directions, impressions, profile visit, reach) Selected Time Period (Last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 6 months, last year, last 2 years) You can analyze the interactions you want to learn in detail here.

how to increase followers on instagram easily

How Should You Set Up Your Instagram Account?
If you are managing a brand account through social media Instagram, you should first switch to the “Business Profile” module. If you are a brand and not in a business profile, you cannot highlight, monitor page statistics in detail, and use bio features (get directions, call, message, mail, etc.). Be sure to create a profile photo with your brand’s logo. Write your outstanding features strikingly in the bio section. Enter your address and website information correctly in your profile information and stay in touch with your followers. There are two different ways to gain followers;
how to increase followers on instagram without any app

1. Growing Instagram Followers Organically
How to increase followers on Instagram? The biggest reason why this question is asked so many times is the importance of organic growth. You must have consistent account management. You should come up with strong content in front of your target audience. You can see all the data your account needs for organic growth from the “stats” button. The important thing is to understand this data, to interpret it correctly and to use it effectively.
2. Instagram Followers
You ask why? Dozens of websites sell followers, likes and even bot comments. Moreover, their prices are very affordable, making them easy to choose. Although the number of followers does not have a direct effect on sales and service data; Since accounts with high followers are more respected, everyone cares about the number of followers. First of all, we have to say: Looks like you bought followers! Then the number of followers, which is a reputation indicator, causes your page to become discredited. Since the most important behavior in the digital environment is honesty and sincerity, it drives your potential audience away from you, loses trust and makes you look fake. The ad-free post engagement of the page is 2% of its follower. If you see an account that has 245,000 followers but whose posts have only been liked by 45 users, you can be sure that it has bought followers.
Unfortunately, reputation loss isn’t the only downside to buying followers. The biggest disadvantage for us is that it ruins the page statistics we have mentioned above. Fake users sent by bot accounts come from all over the world, follow and like hours are related to automation, demographic information is mixed, interaction hours are unfounded. therefore
The data that Instagram statistics offer you loses its meaning. Time, country and demographic information of bot accounts that are not your target audience; It creates data that is impossible to work with. It is worth remembering that the followers you buy will be deleted again with a serious decrease. You will be wasting both your money and your most valuable data source. In short, never buy followers!
Routine Instagram Posts
how to increase followers on instagram easily
How to increase followers on Instagram? Let’s look at the details together. You can find many ways depending on your target audience. But if you want a quick increase, you should make a quick entry. Producing content that your target audience will definitely be interested in, organizing small raffles, organizing competitions and creating fun posts that will increase traffic will create maximum speed to gain followers. Do hashtag work, stay in touch with your followers and potential target audiences. There are many methods such as advertising, collaboration through influencer. However, do not make mistakes that will decrease the value of the brand to increase fast followers. Be sure to stay away from bad practices that are recommended by blogs, described as a “follower increase trick” in videos, and that send automatic comments, likes and messages. Mutual follow-up is also one of the steps that can be considered a mistake for us. A brand should not follow anyone other than its sub-brand or collaborators.
1. Maximize Your Bio URL’s Potential
Instead of keeping your home page URL constant in your bio information, by sending the “Link in Bio” to the posts you share, redirect to the page of the relevant product/service, not the home page. If you also check how much traffic has come to your web 2. Create a Shipping Schedule and Stick to It
Social Media It is very important to be consistent and loyal in Instagram posts. Routinely post on a weekly basis during high engagement and traffic hours. If you do not adhere to the page routine and open the sharing breaks, the performance of your account will decrease. 3. Create how to increase followers on instagram organically
“How to increase followers on Instagram?” But admit it, we don’t read. People prefer to watch rather than read. Especially on very dynamic and fast platforms such as social media, we almost never read. You should know that even if you write, it will not be read. Try videotaping the content instead of writing it.  You can tell what you want to say by writing small videos. There is a time limit of 1 minute for sharing and 14 seconds for stories, but you can share long versions on IGTV. Although IGTV supports long versions, we do not recommend making videos that are too long, Instagram dynamics are not created for long videos and it is necessary to act accordingly.
4. Be Unique, Create Your Own Instagram StyleUsers don’t want to see similar content anymore. It is no longer acceptable to anyone that every page is alike. Create a style that has fun sharing, has a strong design aspect, describes your brand well, but most importantly, is innovative. easy tricks to increase instagram followers
5. Do Influencer Marketing
How to increase followers on Instagram? This may be the surest answer to your question. You can take advantage of influencer marketing, which has become the most powerful weapon in the service and product industry. In order to make the right influencer choices, you need to know your target audience well. Working with names that your target audience follows, is interested in and likes can increase your number of followers significantly. The best part is that this increase is generally reflected in the conversion rates Posting
6. Use the CrossMethod The crossmethod
you will do with other brands you collaborate with can turn into a good promotion form. For example, you can share the post of an event you sponsor, and the event page can share your post and tag your page. Or for a brand whose products you use, “X brand is used in our products.” You can share something like “A brand prefers our products” from X brand.
7. Collaborate with Brands Collaborating
with other accounts just like influencer marketing and cross-promotion generates publicity and brings in followers. Find common ground in another account related to your brand and start a collaboration. For your followers, you can make agreements with other brands and places and print “X Discount for X Followers” on the post, and you can also make “Special Discount from X Brand Special for Our Followers”.
8. Engage Your Audience
Always care about your followers, like their comments and be sure to reply. Be sympathetic, make a statement with the effort of gaining customers/followers, even on difficult issues such as criticism, try to persuade. Make posts that show you care about your followers, let them ask questions. Interacting with other people or events related to your industry is another way to gain followers.
9. Write Creative Post Descriptions
Include creative expressions proportionally to your target audience while sharing your posts. Take care to share information and use funny emojis in your explanations. However, do not overdo it. Don’t be boring, monotonous. Do not manage your social media account as an official institution, aim to entertain. Use agenda quotes, witty sentences, and encouraging phrases. The rule is simple: encourage and entertain. how to increase followers on instagram for free 2021
10. Use Instagram Stories
Instagram stories reach followers much faster than posts, are more liked and create more interaction. Story sharing is one of the most important ways to show that the page is interacting. Create a highlights section, pin your stories in certain categories and make them watchable again. Organize questions and answers, polls and contests. Story questions and surveys are a fun way to do mini research about your brand. Announce your new posts with a story. “How to increase followers on Instagram?” One of the frequently given answers to the question is story interaction.
Instagram PhotographyInstagram Photography
11. Use Quality Photos 
Now, if we consider how advanced the screen quality of the devices used, we can understand how important the photo quality is. Never use pixelated images. Use creative shots, effective lighting settings, and accurately framed photos. If you are going to share stock content, be sure to customize it by modifying it. Set up scenes, use different lights and record in high pixels to create compelling visuals.
12. Tag Location Information to Your Posts
“How to increase followers on Instagram?” One of the good answers to your question is; tag location info! You can appear in location searches, fall into the streams of people in the location, and get traffic from the location. You can use locations related to your business and page, but you don’t have to declare the correct location. Even if you are in Istanbul, you can use the Izmir location to share to get traffic from the location.

how to increase followers on instagram?

You can also share your Instagram posts on your Facebook page with the cross-sharing feature. We recommend that you use this feature.  Facebook posts often contribute to your Instagram account as followers. Showing that your brand has an Instagram account and that you post fun content there is a good way to gain followers. You can write actionable sentences such as “Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram account” in your posts.
Facebook Cross SharingFacebook Cross
Posting “How to increase followers on instagram?” with all the details and tricks. We answered your question. When social media Instagram is managed effectively, your followers will grow organically. What is difficult and precious is; to create the most suitable creative and innovative posts for your target audience. If you need professional support, you can contact us on our Social Media Agency page.
Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers
The biggest question mark of Instagram users and brand managers is often “Should I buy followers?” It’s on the subject. According to our observations, users who have no experience with Instagram bot follower losses will definitely make this mistake once in their lifetime. So why not buy followers? How to increase followers with professional social media management? What happens if I buy followers? Details of all this and more are as follows:
Finally, believe what you’ve read about instagram bot follower losses for social media management and “is it an unfollower account?” Don’t buy fake followers out of fear. Give the necessary importance to a social media marketing to increase organic followers. You can be sure that it will grow your brand in the most powerful and correct way.
Ways to Gain Followers on Instagram OrganicallyGaining
1. Stay true to your goals
followers on Instagram is not a quick and easy process. There are various ways to win people over naturally. The first is that you get to know them and stay loyal. With the account you will create, your goal will be to appear and interact with the masses. Therefore, first discover who you are there for. Then, stay loyal to your audience and act on their wishes. Once you have a good understanding of your audience, try to meet their expectations. Thus, the relationship between you and your audience is strengthened and your page continues to gain followers organically. Also, do not be hasty in this work. Users don’t have to engage you right away. Be patient and loyal. Give your potential followers time. And continue to follow their line throughout this process. Do not follow different paths one after the other to gain followers. Over time, people will reach you and your page will grow.
2. Know who you’re
posting to One of the ways to gain Instagram followers is to know your target audience. If you don’t know who you’re there for, you’re wasting your time. You need to determine your audience so that it fits your brand. Create the structure of your potential audience by doing a detailed research. Gather a lot of information such as age, gender, location and interests. Thanks to this information, you will be able to make more accurate targeting. On the other hand, the content you create will become more suitable for your target audience. By knowing your target audience, you accelerate the development of your page and the process of gaining organic followers.
3. Build your
brand image Having a brand image can speed up the process of gaining followers on Instagram. Reflect your brand’s style with the colors, shapes and images you use. Don’t let your page be a mess. Your posts should stay in order. Thus, you can easily win the appreciation of users. On the other hand, if users like your image, they are more likely to share it with others. Thus, you will be recognized easily. Apart from the images, you should also pay attention to the texts you write. You can also reflect the image of your brand in your content articles.4. Create a great profile and a great bio!
It analyzes you from the first articles and images that potential users come across when they visit your page for the first time So keep your profile and bio strong and interesting. Convince people to follow you. Be clear about your content. Accurately reflect your brand image and show that you are interested in users. Especially do not fill the bio section with unnecessary information. Attract users in a succinct way.These are factors that give confidence to the user. This way, you can easily make the first impression.
5. Be creative with youryour
content. Withcontent, you will speed up the process of gaining followers on Instagram. Present the concept you have determined for your brand to users with creative content ideas. Try to be as original as possible in these content. People avoid simplicity. Therefore, reflect the difference of your brand in your content.Create an uncomplicated yet creative profile. If you create a visually successful profile, you will speed things up in terms of gaining organic followers.
6. Promote your Instagram account
Spread your page everywhere with paid or free promotions.You can also introduce yourself there by entering similar profiles. If you interact with your target audience, your profile will spread faster and your followers will increase.

With this kind of work, you can gain followers organically.

7. Link to your Instagram profile wherever possible You
can also work on gaining followers on Instagram on other social media platforms. You can link to your Instagram account from any account. Thus, people will reach you not only on Instagram, but also on other channels. This will greatly contribute to the growth of your page. On the other hand, your target audience will also expand. As a result, your page’s organic growth accelerates and becomes more efficient.
8. Use your Instagram nametag!
When looking for ways to gain Instagram followers, you can try using the nametag. This way, you show your brand at every opportunity. You will get a more professional image when you share with the name tag. Also, by enabling others to use this tag, you allow your page to grow faster.
9. Keep your hashtags relevant
Hashtags are the most popular way to gain followers on Instagram. You should definitely try working with hashtags related to your brand and content. You increase the potential of your content if you use these tags for each of your posts. You also enable other users to find you through these tags. Tags must be relevant to your content. Otherwise, you will reach the wrong people. Our goal here is to get your profile to the right accounts. Therefore, make your label selections accordingly. In addition, the number of followers of the tags you will use should neither be too high nor too low. These proportions affect your appearance. Therefore, you must make the right moves. Finally, these hashtags are effective not only on your posts, but also on your stories. Do not forget to use tags in your story posts.
10. Make your Instagram profile stand out With your
featured profile, the ways to gain Instagram followers increase. Achieving this is not difficult at all. First of all, you need to share regular posts. You should also work on exploring with the tags you will use. The higher your engagement rates, the more likely you are to be featured. Thus, you will reach more users and your follower count will increase. You should take care of your profile every day. Working regularly is very important at this point. Also, keep interacting with other accounts. Interaction with your own profile is equivalent to the interaction you give to others.
11. Get featured in the Discover
ways to gain Instagram followers are endless.It’s not enough to just share an image on your profile. In order to explore, you also need to take advantage of Instagram’s other possibilities.
12. Make sure you’re following the right people
Your audience is a tool for gaining followers on Instagram. Make sure you follow relevant users. Your audience consists of users who will engage you. Therefore, if you have an audience of wrong users, you should review the situation immediately. Select users who may be relevant to your brand. This way, you can enlarge your page more easily.
13. Stay active in relevant communities By
joining groups interested in your industry, you can increase ways to gain Instagram followers. From here, you can reach your target audience more easily. You can also make free promotions by sharing about your accounts. On the other hand, you can also collect ideas for your own page. You can discover your audience’s expectations in these communities. Thus, you both promote your page and collect ideas for yourself.
14. Mention relevant users in your captions
articles you write incontent will be useful for gaining followers on Instagram. In particular, you can increase your chances by tagging users you think might be interested in your post. You can take your place in the images where users are tagged. You also get the opportunity to appear to their followers. But the point to be careful is that you tag relevant people. Otherwise, you won’t get the interaction you expect.
15. Encourage users to tag their friends
Ways to gain Instagram followers become easier as you expand your network. Convince users you have to tag their friends. For this, you can share interactive content. You can also encourage tagging by organizing various campaigns or sweepstakes. Especially try to create the dialogues that can occur between friends, with their content. For example, share a post and write a sentence under it like “Tag your friends with these features”. So the users you have will want to tag their feline friends.
16. Be consistent with your posts Consistency
is a very important factor for gaining followers on Instagram. You should definitely post regularly. You should also create relevant content. But if you make irregular posts, you may start to lose your followers little by little. In this case, you will both lose followers and prevent new potential followers. As a result, make sure you do consistent work on your page.
Be consistent with your posts Be consistent with your postsPost a strategic
time Knowing when your Page is most active is one of the most helpful ways to gain Instagram followers. Each page has a specific active time zone. Learning these hours for your own page can increase your engagement rates. For this, analyze the hours you receive the most interaction from the statistics section of your page. You can make your next posts according to the results you get. If you post at the right times, the engagement rate will increase.
18. Plan your
content The process of gaining followers on Instagram can become clearer if you plan ahead what your content will be like. Be sure to plan your page.
19. Be creative with your captions
write under each post are a quick stepping stone to gaining Instagram followers. But try to be creative with these posts. Avoid using the same sentences over and over. Also, make sure to write clean and clear text about your content. Users should not be bored while reading these articles, instead, they should enjoy reading. Aiming at this, try to write creative articles.
20. Make your stories interactive
There are many different ways to gain followers on Instagram. Stories are one of them. Try to talk to your followers in the stories you share. For this, you can try question-answer or survey-style posts. Ask your followers questions with your stories. Be sure to respond to the answers you get. Thus, you make an interactive sharing. You will also make the relationship between you and your followers more intimate. Try talking to your followers in many other ways. This may cause people to share you on their page.
21.Live Go
live With live broadcasts, the ways to gain Instagram followers expand. You can earn a lot from these posts. For example, the trust and sincerity of your followers. You can also provide detailed information about your brand in these publications. You can also analyze their expectations from you by trying to chat with your followers. You can get a lot of information from a live broadcast. Finally, you can double your audience by inviting guests to your live streams. This is because the audience of the incoming guest will also follow you.
22. Organize a giveaway on your profile
Sweepstakes are great for gaining followers on Instagram. With the sweepstakes you create on your page, you can gain both interaction and organic followers. However, if you do these sweepstakes constantly, your followers will only follow you for the sweepstakes you will do. That wouldn’t be very helpful for your page, either. Thanks to the sweepstakes you will create at regular intervals, you can instantly increase your page and expand your audience. Also, be honest in your giveaways. Make sure to tell your followers that you are acting fairly, especially when announcing the winner. Otherwise, you may lose followers.
23. Try to advertise on
Instagram The most well-known way to gain Instagram followers is the Instagram advertising method. With the ad campaign you create for your page, you can gain followers. Of course, at this point, you should make sure that you know your target audience correctly. Otherwise, your advertisement may appear in front of irrelevant users. This may be something you do not want for your page. With the right audience, you can easily grow your page. how to increase followers on instagram app?

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how to increase followers on instagram from website and application?


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