How To Get Followers On Instagram

Instagram increases the number of users and usage time day by day with the updates it makes. It is very advantageous to stand out on the platform with millions of users. Everyone with an Instagram account has the same question in mind; “How to increase followers on Instagram?” You need to apply some methods to organically increase your brand’s followers. In this article, we explain the methods to increase your followers organically by making an effective account management. To have an organically growing Instagram page, all you have to do is follow the 12-point guidelines.

How To Get Followers On Instagram
How To Get Followers On Instagram

Instagram Statistics:

How To Get Followers On Instagram? Why is it important to reach more followers? Questions such as how to analyze my Instagram followers are quite a lot. The fact that it is a popular medium and has users belonging to almost every target group is one of the factors that provide this. Well, have you ever examined the statistical values ​​of your page? Did you know that you need to track the demographic information of the users interested in your page, the data of your post interactions, and many other statistical values? If you have a business account, you will see the “statistics” button on your profile screen. The data you will encounter on the statistics page;

Account Accessed:

It reports the estimated number of accounts you have accessed. It allows you to observe the break and changes.

It shows your account’s overall reach, engagement of content, total number of followers, and shared posts. The section where you can quickly review your account activities You can see the users who visited your profile, the ones who clicked the URL you wrote in the bio section, the number of users who clicked on the directions, e-mail, search buttons, if any. You can also use 3 variables in the “top posts” section to view the contents of your account. You can analyze. When you click on the main posts, you will see options divided into 3 sections; Post Type (photo, video, return post, shopping posts) Metric Selection (search button, comments, e-mail, followings, directions, views, profile visits, access) Selected Time Range (Last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 6 months, last year, last 2 years) You can analyze in detail the interactions you want to learn from here.

Content Interaction:

Shows the performance of your Post, Story and IGTV Video content. You can see data such as comments, likes and shares. You can also see the saves and the number of responses.

Total Followers:

You can see the total number of followers of your account, who have stopped following, from which country and provinces your followers are, age ranges, gender distribution, and the time periods they are most active. This data is very important for your content planning. You should set your target audience settings, sharing hours and even your sharing frequency by observing this data.

How Should You Set Up Your Instagram Account?

If you are managing a brand account on social media Instagram, you should first switch to the “Business Profile” module. Instagram defines different features for users and brand accounts. If you are a brand and you are not in a business profile, you cannot highlight, observe page statistics in detail, and use bio features (get directions, call, send messages, mail, etc.). Make sure to create a profile photo with your brand logo. Your username should not contain unnecessary numbers and signs. Write your highlights in the Bio section in a striking way. Enter your address and website information accurately in your profile information and be sure to interact with your followers. There are two different ways to gain followers;

1. Growing Instagram Followers Organic:

How to increase followers on Instagram? The biggest reason why the question has been asked so many is the importance of organic growth. You must do a consistent account management. You should stand in front of your target audience with powerful content. You can see all the data your account needs for organic growth from the “statistics” button. The important thing is to understand, interpret and use this data effectively. When you understand your target audience, you will find it more comfortable what you need to do to achieve organic growth.

2.Buying Instagram Followers:

Do not buy followers under any circumstances to increase your followers. You ask why? It sells dozens of websites, followers, likes, and even bot comments. Moreover, because their prices are very affordable, it becomes easier to choose them. Although the number of followers does not have a direct effect on sales and service data; Everyone cares about the number of followers, as accounts with high followers are more respected. First of all, we should say this; It looks like you bought followers! Then the number of followers, which is a reputation indicator, causes your page to become disreputable. Since the most important behavior in the digital environment is honesty and sincerity, it distances your potential audience from you, loses trust and makes you look fake. The page’s ad-free post interaction is up to 2% of its followers. If 245.

Unfortunately, reputation isn’t the only downside to buying followers. The biggest disadvantage for us is that it disrupts the page statistics we described above. The fake users sent by bot accounts come from all over the world, the tracking and liking hours are related to automation, the demographic information is mixed, the interaction hours are unfounded. Therefore, the data provided to you by Instagram statistics loses its meaning. Time, country and demographic information of bot accounts that are not your target audience; it creates data that cannot be studied. It is useful to remind you that the followers you purchased will be deleted again with a serious decrease. You will have wasted both your money and your most valuable data resource. We are sure you wouldn’t want it to happen that way. In short, never buy followers!

How to increase followers on Instagram?

How to increase followers on Instagram? Let’s look at the details together. You can find many ways that vary depending on your target audience. Producing content that your target audience will definitely be interested in, organizing small sweepstakes, organizing competitions and creating fun shares that will increase traffic will create maximum speed to gain followers. Do the hashtag work, stay in touch with your followers and potential target audiences. There are many methods such as advertising, collaborating on influencer. However, do not make mistakes that will decrease the value of the brand in order to increase followers fast. Be sure to stay away from bad practices that are recommended by blogs, described as “follower increase trick” in videos, and send automatic comments, likes and messages. Mutual follow-up is one of the steps that can be considered a mistake for us. A brand should not follow anyone other than its sub-brand or its collaborators.

1.Maximize Bio URL’s Potential:

Instead of keeping your home page URL constant in your bio information, send “Link in Bio” to the posts you share, redirecting to the page where the relevant product / service is located, not to the home page. If you check the amount of traffic from which mail to your web page with UTM code, you will manage a great process. If you don’t know how to create a UTM but want to track Instagram traffic to your website, you can click “ How to Create UTM? You can take a look at our article.

2.Create a Posting Calendar and Stick to It:

It is very important to be consistent and loyal in Social Media Instagram posts. Post routinely on a weekly schedule during hours of high engagement and traffic. If you do not stick to the page routine and open the sharing breaks, the performance of your account will decrease. Do not forget to use your account analysis to prepare the most accurate sharing program.

3.Create Video Content:

“How to increase followers on Instagram?” You may want to produce and write too much content out of concern. But admit it, we don’t read. People prefer to watch rather than read. We hardly ever read on very dynamic and fast platforms such as social media. You should definitely avoid writing too much on your posts. You should know that it will not be read if you write Instead of writing, try videoizing the content. You can prepare videos for your page with simple video applications. You can tell what you want to tell by writing by shooting small videos. There is 1 minute for sharing and 14 seconds for story, but you can share long versions on IGTV. Although IGTV supports long versions, we do not recommend you to shoot very long videos,

4. Be Original, Create Your Own Instagram Style:

Users no longer want to see similar content. It is no longer acceptable that every page looks alike. Create a style with fun sharing, strong in design, well expressing your brand, but most importantly, innovative. Please do not imitate any account, be inspired, but always avoid imitation.

5. Make Influencer Marketing:

How to increase followers on Instagram? This may be the most guaranteed answer to your question. You can benefit from influencer marketing, which has become the most powerful weapon of the service and product industry. In order to make the right influencer choices, you need to know your target audience well. Working with names that your target audience follows, interests and likes can significantly increase your number of followers.

6.Use the Cross Sharing Method:

The cross-sharing method you will make with other brands that you collaborate with can turn into a good promotion. of an event you sponsor, and the event page can tag your page by sharing your post. Or for a brand whose products you use, “X brand is used in our products.” In the same way, you can ask for a share from the X brand like “A brand prefers our products”.

7. Collaborate with Brands:

Collaborating with other accounts, just like influencer marketing and cross-promotion method, provides publicity and leads to followers. You can agree with other brands and venues for your followers and print “X Discount for X Followers” on the post, and also set up “Special Discount from X Brand Special to Our Followers”.

8.Interact With Your Audience:

Always care about your followers, like their comments and be sure to respond. Be sympathetic, make statements with the effort of gaining customers / followers, take heart, try to convince, even in matters that are difficult to respond to such as criticism. Make shares that show you care about your followers, let them ask questions. Interacting with other people or events related to your industry is also one of the methods that enables you to gain followers.

9. Write Creative Post Descriptions:

When sharing your posts, include creative expressions proportionally to your target audience. Take care to share information and use funny emojis in your statements. However, do not overdo it while doing this. Don’t be boring, monotonous. Do not manage your social media account in an official corporate atmosphere, aim to entertain. Use agenda quotes, humorous sentences, and encouraging narratives. The rule is simple: encourage and entertain.

10.Use Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories reach followers, be liked more, and create more engagement much faster than posts. Make sure to use stories actively on your page. Story sharing is one of the most important ways to show that the page is in interaction. Create a featured section, fix your stories in certain categories and make them traceable. Organize question answers, polls and contests. Story questions and surveys are a fun way to do mini researches about your brand. Announce your new posts with the story. “How to increase followers on Instagram?” One of the frequently given answers to the question is story interaction.

11.Use Quality Photos:

Instagram is the platform where visuality is at the forefront. If we consider how much the screen quality of the devices used has improved, we can understand how important the photo quality is. Never use pixelated images. Use creative shots, effective lighting settings, and properly framed photos. If you are going to share stock content, be sure to change it and customize it. Set scenes, use different lights and record with high pixels to create engaging visuals.

12. Tag Location Information on Your Posts:

“How to increase followers on Instagram?” One of the good answers to the question is; tag your location information! Thus, you can enable people in that position to discover you. You can go out in location searches, fall into the flow of people in the location, and get traffic from the location. You can use locations relevant to your business and page, but you don’t necessarily have to report an accurate location. Even if you are in Istanbul, you can share to get traffic from the location using the Izmir location.


How to increase followers on Instagram?
You can also share your Instagram posts on your Facebook Page with the cross sharing feature. We recommend that you use this feature. Remember that the two pages have different audiences and actively manage accounts for both of them. Facebook posts often contribute to your Instagram account as a follower. Showing that your brand has an Instagram account and that you share fun content is a good way to gain followers. You can write prompting sentences such as “Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram account” in your posts.


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