FAU-G, The Replacement of PUBG Will Launch in October | FAUG | Akshay Kumar: India’s answer to PUBG? Akshay

 After being a PUBG band in India, today the talk of FAUG Game is going on all over India. Right now the same things are going on in everyone’s mind, what is FAU-G Game Release Date.

                                         What is FauG game? How to Download FauG APK?


Yes, friends, today I am going to tell you people about the FAUG Game, when this game is going to be released. How is the FAUG Game going to be, we will get to see everything just like FUBG, but those who talk on all these things will definitely read this post today.


Before talking about FAU-G Game Release Date, let’s talk about why PUBG banded in Bharatha.

             Why did PUBG band happen in India?

 You all would know that PUBG was a Korean app, yet why the band was formed in India. Do you know why PUBG banded in India. If you do not know, then let us tell you, PUBG was created by both Korean and Chinese countries. PUBG APPLICATION was Korean but TENSENT was Chinese and it is not that India has band due to being a Chinese.

There are many reasons behind being a PUBG band.

1. Impact on children

2. Chaniz APP


All this is the reason behind their band, so you must now know why the PUBG bands of the Government of India have done it, not only that, along with PUBG, 118 APP has also been banded in India. Recently TIK TOK has also been banded in India by the Government of India.

     Who is the owner of FAUG Game?

Do you know who is going to launch the FAUG Game, if we do not know then let us tell you.

The Owner of FAUG Game is our India actor Akshay Kumar ji, who also posted the poster of FAUG Game on Twitter on September 4 and said that FAUG Game is coming to us soon.

There were many more who spoke together, saying that 20% of the revenue earned from the FAUG Game would be donated to the Revenue of Bharat (Army). This is a big deal for us.

If we look at PUBG, then our India did not get any share of the four parts of the revenue that was used to earn from PUBG.

           FAU-G Game FULL NANE

Do you know the FULL name of the FAUG Game. If you do not know, then today I will also talk to you about what is the full name of FAUG Game.





               FAU-G Game Release Date


Actor Akshay Kumar of India (FAU-G Game Owner) who tweeted on Twitter on 4 September, in which it was written that FAU-G Game is coming very soon among us.

It may mean too soon, the FAU-G Game should be released to FAU-G Game by the end of October among us. The news about FAU-G Game Release Date has come to this day. As soon as you get any news related to FAU-G Game, you will get the right information on this website.

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